Eid – Ul Adha

Our Muslim Collegues will be celebrating Eid-Ul Adha on 1 September 2017. May Allah bless you with a beautiful feast of Sacrifice on the auspicious day.
Happy Bakra Eid.


Members from our Tshwane Region were invited to attend the increasingly popular Women’s Wellness Day function, and this year did not disappoint! Attendees were treated to high tea, guest speakers, display stalls and some lucky draw prizes. What a fantastic way to acknowledge and thank women in the workplace.


A very happy Women’s Day to all our female members and the female partners’ of our members. Today is a day to remember the significant sacrifices made and also to be encouraged to continue the good work being done towards making gender equality a reality in our world of work.


Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) Shop Stewards will be picketing outside the South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC) in Berea, Durban, today.

“Numerous requests to meet with the newly elected Municipal Management team to discuss our growing concerns have gone ignored. IMATU has maintained a good working relationship with the previous eThekwini Mayor and Municipal Manager and cannot understand why the incoming leadership would wish to start their tenure along such adversarial lines. As the majority union in the eThekwini Municipality, IMATU must be consulted when making decisions that directly affect our members,” stated IMATU President and eThekwini Regional Chairperson, Stanley Khoza.

IMATU’s decision to picket today highlights the union’s dissatisfaction with the conduct of the eThekwini Municipality’s leadership. Lack of consultation and continued disinterest in the rights of municipal workers have further exacerbated the following areas of contention;

• The continued failure to adequately consult with IMATU before making decisions that directly affect its members.

• The wilful delaying and subsequent deadlocking of negotiations around the payment of Group Life and Conditions of Service.

• The abuse of EPWP workers, many of whom are employed for years longer than their contracts stipulate and never made permanent

“As the majority union operating in the eThekwini Municipality, IMATU calls on the employer to return to the negotiating table in order to meaningfully engage around the issues raise. We believe in building a sustainable local government however, this commitment must be met by the necessary political will,” concluded Khoza.



The Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) welcomes the decision of the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), Lesetja Kganyago, to reduce the current repo rate from 7% to 6.75%.salary

“While we welcome the Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to reduce interest rates, this decision will not in and of itself stimulate growth or produce more jobs. Like all South Africans, our members are really feeling the financial pinch of increasing living costs and decreasing disposable income. Increased interest rates would put excessive and unaffordable pressure on workers,” explained IMATU General Secretary, Johan Koen.

Amidst the country’s rather bleak economic outlook, IMATU encourages its members to use this small financial reprieve to save and urges South Africa’s political principals to provide decisive leadership and policy certainty.



nelson-mandela-day“Each year we are reminded of the 67 years of his life that the late Nelson Mandela gave fighting for the rights of humanity, equality, justice and democracy all South Africans enjoy today. We are pleased to be one of many organisations donating 67 minutes of our time or resources to make a difference in the lives of others. As a union representing local government employees throughout South Africa, we ensure that all of our Regional Offices take part in this special day and contribute towards positive change within their communities,” explained IMATU General Secretary, Johan Koen.

The IMATU National Office will again be donating stationery, teaching aids and furniture to foundation phase learners at the Kaalfontein Primary School in Midrand. “Kaalfontein Primary has had to accommodate an influx of new Grade R learners and this new furniture and teaching material will really assist both educators and the learners in their everyday activities at school,” said Koen.

Staff from our Gauteng Region are donating toiletries to the Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg.

Members from the Mangaung Branch and staff from the Free State Regional Office will be visiting the newly established Talitha Cumi Safe Haven for Children. The Hantam Branch in Calvinia, will join the Grade 3 learners of Hantam Primary School, to conduct a town clean-up. After the clean-up initiative has been completed, IMATU members will provide the 175 learners with a snack pack. Members from the Ventersdorp/Tlokwe Branch will be participating in the Nelson Mandela Charity Race, scheduled to take place on 22 July 2017 in the City of Matlosana. In addition, various other Branches from our North West Region have pledged to support local government initiatives that are collecting sanitary towels and books for school girls in need.

As part of their Mandela Day efforts this year, the Johannesburg Region made a donation towards disaster relief efforts in the Knysna, Plett and surrounding areas and the Emalahleni Branch is coordinating a painting project at a community school.

The Eastern Cape Region will be hosting a tea for the residents of the Silver Crown Old Age Home, as well as donating care packages and toiletries.

The Tshwane Regional Office will be donating paint, groceries and clothing to the Tshwaranang Children’s home in Pretoria.

In the spirit of Mandela Day, our Cape Town Metro Region is making a considerable donation to the Fikelela Children’s Home in Khayelitsha and the Western Cape Region is donating soup and sandwiches to the needy in their communities.

The KwaZulu Natal Region is sponsoring soccer and netball clothing, medals, trophies and meals for the Kokstad Municipality’s Mandela Day sports tournament. The tournament is hosted for underprivileged youth in the area.

“The annual birthday of our former President Nelson Mandela has come to represent a day in which we remember what he in his individual capacity has done for our country and what we in turn can do for each other. IMATU is a proud supporter of Mandela Day,” concluded Koen.


So many South Africans have been directly and indirectly affected by the devastating fires that tore through the Knysna-Plett and surrounding areas last month. IMATU was deeply saddened to learn of the deaths and serious injuries sustained by firefighters, volunteers and members of the community.

As a union representing municipal employees, including firefighters and emergency medical services personnel, we knew we needed to step in and get involved in the relief efforts. IMATU is directly linked to numerous members and their families that have been affected by this natural disaster, both in their capacities as either EMS/DMS workers, municipal employees or as residents of the affected communities.

Our Cape Town and Western Cape Regional Offices jumped into action and immediately assessed the needs of members on the ground. Their generous donations were followed by further contributions by our remaining Regional Offices, bringing IMATU’s overall donation to R32 000. Part of this money was used to assist members whose houses and belongings were badly damaged or destroyed in the fires. The remaining amount was then donated to the Knysna Municipality’s Disaster Relief Fund.

While the fires have been extinguished, the hard work of rebuilding homes, municipal buildings and other important infrastructure is only just beginning. To assist or donate towards the Knysna relief efforts, please consult the Municipality’s website http://www.knysna.gov.za/news/official-banking-details-for-the-knysna-disaster-relief/ or follow updates on their social networking pages https://www.facebook.com/knysnamunicipality/.


The second National Short Term Recruitment Campaign of 2017 will take place from 1 July – 31 August 2017. During this period, Regions will be required to pay recruiters the increased recruitment incentive referred to below for each individual recruited. The campaign will not be limited to recruitment by shop stewards and ordinary members must be encouraged to participate as well.

1.1 Date of Campaign
The campaign will run from 1 July – 31 August 2017.

1.2 Target
The target is for each shop steward to recruit a minimum of 5 (five) members during the campaign.

1.3 Recruitment of EPWP, Interns, Apprentices and Other Temporary Workers
As of 1 January 2017, the recruitment of temporary and/or allied workers will be permitted to count towards a recruiter’s total recruitment figures during the national campaign periods. Therefore, all temporary workers recruited between 1 July – 31 August 2017 will be counted towards a recruiter’s total recruitment figures and possible prize ranking.

1.4 Metro vs non-Metro Regions
It has been noted by the National Executive Council that recruiters based in Metropolitan areas or large cities have a proximity advantage over recruiters operating in the ‘platteland’ with vast geographical spaces between relatively small municipalities. In order to address this discrepancy, recruiters will be divided into individuals recruiting in a metropolitan area (i.e. City of Joburg, City of Cape Town, eThekwini, Ekurhuleni, City of Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Buffalo City Metro, Mangaung), and non-Metro areas.

1.5 Incentive
For each permanent member recruited, a recruitment incentive of R 200 will be paid to the recruiter by the Region concerned.
In the case of the recruitment of temporary workers, a recruitment incentive of R50 will be paid to the recruiter by the Region concerned.


2.1 Prizes for the five best recruiters
The shop steward/member who recruits the highest, second, third, fourth and fifth highest number of members during the period of the campaign, provided that they have recruited a minimum of 40 (forty) members each, will be awarded the following prizes in both the Metro and non-Metro categories:

Metro Regions Non-Metro Regions
1st Prize: R 8 000 cash prize 1st Prize: R 8 000 cash prize
2nd Prize: R 6 000 cash prize 2nd Prize: R 6 000 cash prize
3rd Prize: R 4 500 cash prize 3rd Prize: R 4 500 cash prize
4th Prize: R 3 500 cash prize 4th Prize: R 3 500 cash prize
5th Prize: R 3 000 cash prize 5th Prize: R 3 000 cash prize

2.2 Lucky draw
There will also be a lucky draw where 20 prizes will be given as follows:
R 2 500 each will be given to five (5) Metro and five (5) non-Metro recruiters who have recruited at least 20 new members each.
R1 500 each will be given to five (5) Metro and five (5) non-Metro recruiters who recruited at least 15 members each.


We wish to extend warm wishes to all our Muslim members and their loved ones, as they celebrate Eid Mubarak this week.



kimi_makwetu The Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) is extremely disappointed by the lack of improvement displayed by municipalities, in the 2015-16 local government audit outcomes report, released earlier today.

In his report Auditor General, Kimi Makwetu, explained that 40 of the municipalities with clean audit opinions in the previous financial year (2014-15) obtained this outcome again. 14 municipalities lost their clean audit status and only nine municipalities moved into this category, resulting in an overall decrease in municipalities with clean audit opinions. The report highlights a number of basic controls that municipalities need to improve on including; good governance, ethical leadership, accurate record-keeping, legislative compliance, filling of vacancies and the following through on audit action plans.

“The Auditor General’s findings mirror the very same issues that we are trying to address on the ground. Every year our members are promised that internal controls will be strengthened, supply chain management will improve, corruption and nepotism will be tackled, vacancies will be filled and employees adequately trained. It is, however, very difficult for workers to achieve effective and efficient service delivery while these serious issues continue to go unaddressed,” commented IMATU General Secretary, Johan Koen.

The Auditor General further stressed the importance of appropriate planning around the needs of the communities that local government serves, as well as instituting appropriate fiscal controls and operating within the necessary legal frameworks governing service delivery. IMATU is in agreement with the Office of the Auditor General that there must be consequences for mismanagement and non-performance.

“It is alarming to note that irregular expenditure within the municipal sector has increased to just over 50%, ‘the highest since we started tracking the values’. Employers always plead poverty when it comes time to negotiate fair wage increases for our members, however, no one is held responsible for a staggering R16.81 billion loss in irregular expenditure. While IMATU acknowledges that this full amount does not necessarily represent wastage and fraud, the Auditor General is clear in his belief that local government’s inability to manage irregular expenditure and ensure accountability directly affects increasingly poor audit outcomes,” commented Koen.

IMATU also notes that the Auditor General has recommended investigations at a number of municipalities. IMATU will closely monitor whether municipal council’s in fact implement these recommendations and council’s will be required to explain their failures, should they not conduct such investigations.

IMATU strongly believes that further improvement can only take place when municipal management commits to taking ownership of municipal performance practices, insists on correctly qualified staff, roots out corruption and provides strong leadership.

“IMATU strongly supports the Auditor General’s call for improved accountability in the management of municipal affairs. We are committed to working towards achieving an efficient and sustainable local government service delivery model however, the commitment of our members must be matched by decisive leadership, accountability and political will at the top,” concluded Koen.