IMATU has accepted the facilitator’s proposal, in principle.

We have, this morning, communicated our acceptance of the proposal to all the negotiating parties and the bargaining council. We further indicated that our acceptance of the proposal is subject to the following:

• That a technical working group be convened to craft a mutually acceptable salary and wage collective agreement; and

• In the event that any party does not accept the facilitator’s proposal we reserve the right to withdraw our acceptance and revert to our position prior to the issuing of the facilitator’s proposal.

IMATU’s acceptance of the proposal represents the collective mandate received from all our Regions following extensive consultations with our members.

SALGA has also accepted the facilitator’s proposal. SALGA’s acceptance is likewise on condition that it is accepted by all the parties and should all parties not accept the proposal, SALGA will withdraw its acceptance and revert to its previous position.

The facilitator’s proposal is not yet binding as the response of one party is still outstanding. The other trade union in this bargaining process has indicated that they will only be able to respond during the first week of August 2015. The process can only be finalised once their response is received.

A summary of the facilitator’s proposal is attached hereto for ease of reference and a copy of the full proposal is available at

Regions will be updated once responses from all the parties have been submitted to the bargaining council.